Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Belated Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I had my belated birthday lunch with Mr Smiley. We met at our usual meeting spot in Trafalgar Square and walked the short distance to our favourite eating place; a bar tucked up a tiny side street off Whitehall.

After a very grey start to the day, the sun and breeze had cleared the clouds from the sky and London was a hot place to be. We managed to find a table almost underneath an air conditioning unit so as to remain cool. But even though we had deliberately chosen that particular table (and the dining area was almost empty) because of its close proximity to the air conditioning, we were asked at regular intervals whether we would like the air conditioning turned down. Each time we both replied with an emphatic "No, thank you". Drinks and food were swiftly ordered and then we were free to chat. It is several months since Mr Smiley and I have seen each other and even though we email each other regularly, it just isn't the same as being able to have a face to face chat.

The time just flew by and before long it was time for Mr Smiley to head off to his afternoon meeting. But before we parted, Mr Smiley gave me my birthday present, a Waterstone's gift card so that I can indulge my passion for books, and the wherewithal to purchase a theatre ticket.

After we parted, I headed for Leicester Square in search of a discounted ticket for a 'must see' show, and then on to Oxford Street as I needed to visit John Lewis to buy some knitting needles. The heat of the day meant that by the time I had completed my purchase in John Lewis I was hot, and my feet were aching from the pounding on the pavements, so I cheated a little, I took a short ride on the Underground to Charing Cross to make my way back to the hub of London, Trafalgar Square.
Yes, that really is a photograph that I took yesterday. While not as crowded as it might be in the height of summer, or during the lunch period (the photograph was taken at 16.22), the area was still full of tourists. I still had a few hours to kill before going to the theatre so I went in search of somewhere to get a snack, and a cold drink (I wasn't particularly hungry but I knew that I would be a little later and that I would regret it if hunger pangs were to spoil my enjoyment of my night out) and I sat and drafted this post in the notebook that accompanies me everywhere.

So what did I go to see? I'll tell you about that later.


angus said...

So pleased you had a good day, there is nothing better than good food, good company, and a good play to lift the spirits:)

Lily said...

Glad your belated birthday was good... I want to know what you went to see!!