Sunday, 30 August 2009

It's A Job That I Really Hate

I've spent much of today working on the Flower Garden Shawl. Most of the squares are now joined to it (11 that still need to be added) but in most cases only joined by one or two sides. This means that there are still a lot of joins to be made.

In an email earlier today, There and Back asked me when she was going to get to see some photographs of the shawl now that it is starting to take shape. The problem is that it isn't really a pretty sight at the moment so I wasn't going to take photographs of it yet. But I thought, what the heck; you might as well see what the back of it looks like because it may be a while before I have done all the finishing bits so that the front can be photographed.

There are lots of ends still to be woven in or to be trimmed and still 11 squares to be joined onto the shawl. If things go well tonight I may be able to get all those things done, then I will only have to do the border crocheting to finish the shawl completely. The joining together and the weaving in of ends is a job that I really hate. If I could just do the knitting or crocheting I would be very happy, but at the end of each project there is the finishing off to be done and that can be a real pain, sometimes taking as long or longer than the creating part of the project. But, like they say about exercise, there's no gain without pain, and so it is with my handicrafts, unless I do the parts of the project that I hate they will never be finished.

Once it is completed I will have to get someone to take a photograph of me wearing the shawl so that it can be seen in all its glory.

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