Monday, 24 August 2009

It's A Square World

It started with one square
then there were five squares, and I have been adding to the number each day so that now I am working on the 35th one. They're not your usual 'granny' squares as they have the appearance of containing flower petals so it was obvious that the shawl pattern that I am following should be called the 'Flower Garden Shawl'.I have to make 64 squares in all, and they will each be different because of the way that the wool that I am using changes colour. The colour changes are not the same in each ball adding to multicolour effect. Once I have crocheted all 64, I will have to darn in the ends, block each one so that it is square (no matter how hard you try you can never get them even when you are working them) and once blocked they will have to be crocheted together.

The finishing touch is a few rounds of crochet around the complete shawl. I am sure that it will look lovely and will certainly keep me warm on those cold winter days.

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Lily said...

Wow... they look soooo pretty!!