Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Fluff Up My Nose

The lace scarf is progressing well and is now more than 30 inches in length. Because the yarn is hand-dyed there is no regular repetition of the colours throughout the hank of yarn and the scarf is therefore full of little patches of the various colours. This particular yarn is a mixture of greens, yellow, pink, peach and a touch of lilac, which is creating a lovely effect. I know that if I were to knit another scarf using the same colourway and the same pattern the two scarves would look totally different because of the hand-dying techniques and I think that it is this that makes me love these hand-dyed yarns so much.

There are, however, drawbacks to the yarn that I am using at the moment. It is a joy to knit with because it is so soft, but being made from alpaca it does have lots of very fine loose hairs that float around in the air and land on my clothes and the furniture while I am knitting. But worse than this, are the hairs that keep finding their way up my nose, causing occasional tickles and sometimes bouts of sneezing.

But none of these drawbacks have stopped me from ordering some more in a variety of colourways to make some more of my Christmas presents.

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