Saturday, 13 June 2009

World Knitting In Public Day

Today is world knitting in public day. Something that so many of us do in the privacy of our homes is being celebrated by being undertaken in public.

There are a many events being organized around the country and I am sure that many fellow knitters will be taking to public areas to knit in large groups. The knitters will undoubtedly be of all ages, and one hopes that a large number of male knitters will be joining in. And many of these events will be raising money for charity too.

I was hoping to be joining one of the events that is being held in London but as it involves a fair amount of walking from one location to another I am having second thoughts. I have had another sleepless night and as I am also suffering from sciatica (a problem I suffer from intermittently) and I am not sure that I could cope with all the walking.

So I am going to be thinking of all those knitters who are out and about today showing the world the pleasure that they get from this wonderful hobby. I'm sure that many new friendships will be formed and I hope that many people will be inspired to take up this hobby or to pick up their needles again after a long break.

While I won't be out there knitting in public, I will certainly be spending some of my day with knitting needles and wool and whiling away a few hours in a relaxing way.

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