Sunday, 28 June 2009

Good Intentions

After the thunder yesterday evening, things quietened down again until about 8.30pm when it started to rain again and it carried on for a couple of hours. I sat watching television and later a DVD while doing a bit of knitting. I decided that I would try to get an early night as I was planning to be up early this morning to do some more hedge trimming before it got too hot.

I actually slept reasonably well once I finally dropped off and woke when the alarm sounded this morning. I opened my eyes, reached out to cancel the alarm and promptly fell back to sleep again. By the time that I woke again it was almost midday and it was far too hot for me to go and do the work on the hedge.

Alarm Clock 3

I had fully intended to put in a good couple of hours work this morning. This would have seen the worst of the trimming jobs finished and would have meant that it would not need to be tackled again for a couple of months at least. The fact that it didn't get done this morning means that it will have to be an early rise tomorrow morning to finish the job.

This time I will put the alarm across the other side of the bedroom so that I have to get out of bed to switch it off. Hopefully this will enable me to throw on some clothes so that I can get out to do the work and then come in for a shower when I have done it.

I'm a bit upset that yesterday's good intentions fell by the wayside this morning but I am determined that tomorrow the work will get done. The only reason that it didn't get done a few weeks ago when it became obvious that it needed doing was because my sciatica was so bad that I couldn't stand up for long enough to be able to do it.

Smiley Hedge

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