Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I Will Not Panic; I Will Not Get Anxious

In less than 48 hours I will be setting off for my last psychotherapy session. I have often written on this blog how difficult I find it during the days before each session, though at the moment I am quite calm. But Friday morning may be a slightly different matter.

The termination of psychotherapy should mean the end of my sleepless Thursday nights but it also means the end of the one routine item in my otherwise empty life. Friday mornings have meant a regular opportunity to talk to another human being, and most importantly to be able to talk to someone who genuinely wants to know how I am rather than the question just being a platitude.

Yes, I have a couple of friends with whom I correspond by email on a daily basis, and both of them (and they know who they are) do much to encourage me and to help me get through my dark periods. But they are both many miles away and so actually seeing them and talking face to face is a rare thing.

I am telling myself that the psychotherapy has made a difference to me. It has helped me to see that it is not my fault that I am ill, that I am not responsible for how I feel, that things in my past have made it difficult for me to deal with how I am today. Medication helps with the panic and the anxiety, but it does not help with the loneliness and the empty feelings. Talking has helped with them, but I now have to see if I can cope with them on my own. And that is the most difficult part of depression to deal with; the isolation and emptiness. The end of therapy feels like I am being abandoned yet again.


Lily said...

:( I know there's nothing I can say to make any of this any easier for you, but I am thinking about you and hope that you'll find a solution to the end of psychotherapy.

Seratonin said...

I will be discharged from the CMHT in a few weeks after I think once CBT has finished.This will be the second time they have discharged me and whilst I was totally lost the first time back in 2002, I am hoping it will be different second time around. I have got used to seeing my ASW and even the Shrink, but I know that there is only so much they can do to support me.
I think there's an awful lot of us that experience the same feelings ending therapy, getting discharged or whatever the 'ending' is.Personally I have seen it as a form of grief, but then that's me in the overeaction corner.
Take care and keep posting.
Love Sis xxx