Monday, 2 March 2009


I'm having one of those days. You know the sort; you don't seem to be able to settle to anything and you know that there are loads of things that you could be doing, or ought to be doing, but you don't feel like doing any of them.

I seem to be finding my days a little empty after having had a reasonably significant event or two, every week for the last couple of months. Was it really only four days ago that I was travelling home from one of the biggest days in my life for a long time? It seems so much longer ago than that. The euphoria has gone and life has returned to the mundane.

Now I have nothing to prepare for, nothing to look forward to, nothing to plan. Life seems to be empty, and those dark feelings are looking for a chink in my armour so that they can invade again. And the tears are starting to flow.


alhi said...

You have plenty to be getting on with! What about the project on patient experience of therapy? I know all too well the adrenalin was pumping all last week and it's totally natural to feel down in the dumps after that, but you have to remember you did it, and you're going to do it again!

cb said...

I'm sorry things are looking down. I hope that things resolve themselves although I'm aware that words are easy. Take care.

Nurse To Doc said...

Sorry to see that things are blue at the moment and hope that things get brighter soon for you.