Friday, 13 February 2009

What To Write For My 250th Post?

After I had written yesterday's post and published it, I noticed an error in it so I decided to edit it. There's nothing unusual in that because even though I read through each post a couple of times the odd error still slips thorough. Anyway I corrected it, but while I was going through the process I noticed that it was the 249th post on my blog. I have written more, but a number never got published; so my next post was going to be number 250. Well, I had to make sure that it was something memorable.

I have spent most of the day puzzling over what I could write and I have not thought of anything that is either memorable or earth-shatteringly interesting. So you will just have to make do with this instead.

I have been getting more and more annoyed over the last couple of weeks by a particular advert on television. It's actually quite a clever advert, but the jingle that is used on it is driving me mad. What's the advert? It's the one with Aleksandr the Meerkat complaining about people confusing his website '' with ''. The other night after the advert had seemed to be in every advert break, no matter what channel I was watching, I had one of those silly moments. Was there really a Compare the Meerkat website?

Believe it or not, there really is. Have a look for yourself if you don't believe me. As an advertising ploy it is absolutely brilliant. It's just a shame that the jingle is so annoying.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I have seen the the site... I was guilty of wondering as well a few weeks ago and was surprised it existed! lol :)

Congratulations on the 250th post! Keep on blogging!

There and Back said...

I am getting completely exasperated with the Barclay Card ad. The one where that guy travels all the way home in that flume. The tune sticks in my head and it's on in every single break. It's driven me bananas this week!

alhi said...

I checked it out after you posted about it, so it's your fault! Must say it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Well done on getting to the 250th post. And almost 6000 visitors? Keep it up. See you soon :-))

cb said...

I spent ages on that Comparethemeerkat site - and so much that I forgot to come back to you and comment on it! Well done on the 250 :)