Monday, 26 January 2009

Why Does The Postman ...

... always try to deliver parcels when I am not in?  Friday is pretty much the only day of the week that I can guarantee to not be at home when the postman comes, because I am out all morning travelling to and from, and attending my psychotherapy session. So last Friday he tried to deliver two parcels and took them back to the sorting office necessitating me taking a long walk there this morning.

As the crow flies the distance to the sorting office is not too far, but unfortunately to get to it I have to walk three sides of a square because it is the other side of the railway line.  The only good part about the journey is that there is a pedestrian underpass beneath the railway line otherwise I would have to walk a further mile to get to it.

I could have collected the parcels on Saturday morning, but I ended up sleeping most of Saturday morning and by the time that I woke up there was not enough time for me to get dressed and walk to the sorting office before it closed, so this morning I set off armed with the card that the postman left telling me he had taken the parcels back to the sorting office, and a shopping bag, because if I was going that far I might as well get a bit of shopping at Sainsbury's too.

I'm now back home, with my feet up, and about to inspect my parcels.  They contain some craft materials that I ordered last week and one of them contains some materials to try out a new technique for my card making.  I'm quite looking forward to having a go at it to see what I can achieve.

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