Thursday, 4 December 2008

My Christmas Card List

I may hate Christmas, but I am trying to make an effort and do some of the more conventional things.  One of these is Christmas cards.  I won't be sending many; just to the really important people in my life, but as some of them live abroad I have to get the cards off in the next few days.

It is an effort, but in order to show those who I wish to communicate with how much I care about them, there won't be any shop bought Christmas cards.  Each card will be handmade, and as such represents an effort on my part to show the recipients how much I care about them.

Some will be cute, some will be amusing, while others will be very traditional with angels or nativity scenes.  Some cards will take some time to make but others just a few minutes.  Each will be made with love.

I made an effort yesterday evening and started making this year's cards.  This afternoon I will be making some more.  I've started with the most complicated ones so that I can get them out of the way.  I shall finish those this afternoon, then I shall move onto the ones that are easier to do, but are no less effective for that.

They will take me a couple of days to complete as I will only spend a couple of hours a day working on them, but once they are done I don't have to think about them for another year.  And much as I don't enjoy the Christmas period, I do rather enjoy making the cards and deciding what card I will make for each of the people on my Christmas card list.


Lily said...

You're so creative! You always seem to be making or thinking about making lovely things.

cb said...

sounds far better than any shop-bought card. I have a bit of a christmas card dilemma because, not having been brought up to celebrate christmas, we never sent or received them as a child. Now, I feel guilty when someone gives me a card and I don't give them back so I only send cards to people I think will send cards to me - it's a bit of a game in second-guessing!