Thursday, 27 November 2008

Even The Puppies Get Turkey For Thankgiving

Today, Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, and turkey is the usual choice of fare for the occasion.  A short while ago, human legs were seen in the puppies' pen, and something was held out for the puppies to take.  It was a cuddly turkey; their Thanksgiving treat.  

The poor toy has managed to survive a frenzied attack by all six of the puppies, and is currently lying in the puppies' bed, surrounded by the puppies.  It looks as though they are settling down for a short nap to allow them to recover from the frenzy of a short while ago.  The pup wearing the cerise collar seems to have decided that the cuddly turkey's stomach will make a nice pillow and so is adjusting the toy's position to make it as comfortable as possible.

Below is a picture of the turkey, which had already survived a good deal of savagery from the pups, but it seems to have survived the ordeal quite well.

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Mandy said...

The puppies look georgeous. Bet they are a handful but rewarding too :>)