Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Strange Things You See

I am an inveterate watcher when I travel by public transport.  Looking out of a bus window you can see some incredible sights and things that cannot help but amuse.  I travel on buses in London fairly frequently and recently I have made several trips into the centre of London by bus.  It can be interesting to look at the shops as you travel by for they indicate just how multicultural this country has become.  Sometimes, however, it can be the more traditional that catches my eye.

As I was sitting on a bus on Tuesday, while the bus was held up in traffic, I looked out of the window and saw a building that probably in former times was a high class grocers or perhaps a small department store.  Today it belongs to a firm of solicitors.  It is not unusal to see the name of a firm of solicitors painted onto its windows and something like 'Commissioners of Oaths' appended.  On Tuesday I saw something new, and I can't help wondering whether this gets them clients or puts people off retaining them.

What was painted on the window? 

 'Criminal Lawyers'.

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