Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Not A Moment's Peace

I had my bath, boiled the kettle and made a mug of fruit tea, then boiled the kettle again and filled the hot water bottle, got myself into bed and wrapped myself up in the duvet and a shawl and I was just getting comfortable watching a DVD when the door bell rang.  It was the postman with a couple of parcels for me.

Isn't that just typical; the day that I didn't want any disturbances and I get one as soon as I get into bed.  But it was worth it because one parcel contained the next set of books for one of my OU courses, and the other contained a new camera.  When I tried to use my old camera the other day to take picture of my new jumper it wouldn't work.  I tried recharging the battery, and it was fully charged, but each time I pressed the button, nothing happened.  One of the problems with modern cameras is that they can cost more to repair than to buy a new one, so a new one it was.

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that it is possible to order something on a Sunday, pay nothing for postage and packing and receive it on Wednesday.  So later today, I shall charge the battery for the new camera, and then take some test shots so that I get used to the feel of the camera and then I can take the promised photographs for Steph and Caroline.

I may also take a sneaky peek at my new course book to see what is coming up in the course, but the parcel that I am really waiting for is the course books for the course that I signed up for last week.  With a lot of studying to do in the days and weeks ahead, I need to get rid of this cold as quickly as possible.  So I shall snuggle in bed and try to sweat it out.

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cb said...

Cold definitely yucky. Hope things pick up soon. And i know what you mean about ordering things online. Amazon One-Click ordering.. the cause of much excess spending..