Friday, 17 October 2008

I Am Going To Be Firm With Myself

I didn't sleep very well last night, but never mind I don't feel too bad.  I have performed my morning ablutions and I decided that I would sit down and get to work on my TMA.  But I haven't started yet, and the reason is that there are just too many distractions in the house.

So, in an hour or so I am going to pack my books in a bag, make sure that I am equipped with notebook, pencils and pencil sharpener, and take the short walk up to the library.  I am determined that today will see the completion of the second essay for the TMA, so to ensure that I don't get side-tracked it's going to be the library for me.

Going to the library today also means that I can change my library books.  I shall make the most of the next few days, which may well be my last opportunity to read a book for relaxation for some time.  This morning I have paid for my additional course and hopefully by this time next week I will have the books from the OU to be able to start studying this course too.

This is going to be the first time that I have studied two courses at the same time.  When I was working full time it was absolutely impossible because I often had to work very long hours.  But as work is still not a feasible option for me, I intend to make the most of my time and for the next two years work towards two different degrees.  And I don't think that I could be doing two courses at the same time that are more different to each other.  I am already working on the OU's Arts/Humanities Foundation Course, and my new course is Human Biology.  I have to hope that I can maintain the momentum that I have achieved on the foundation course; I'm about four weeks ahead of schedule at the moment and that should help me to spend a little time on the new course when the books arrive.

The only concern that I have about the new course is that I have to sit an exam at the end.  I'm afraid that exams always cause me problems, but I am sure that if I endeavour to write proper notes throughout the course I will be able to revise for the exam effectively.  Note taking has always been one of my weaker skills but I seem to have improved a little over the last few months so I shall have to persevere.  And I also know someone who has taken the course already and she has offered help if I get stuck at any point.  I've never had that kind of support before, so it is already making me feel a little more confident about embarking on such a programme of study.


cb said...

Good luck at the library. I find it way too distracting when I need to work at home and find it really helpful to remove myself from distractions.. now, if my library had a coffee machine it would be perfect!

madsadgirl said...

I'm lucky; mine does, and a machine for cold drinks and snacks. And there is a cafe across the road where you can buy coffee to takeaway as well as lots of organic eats. I guess I have the best of all worlds.