Friday, 26 September 2008

A Lovely Autumn Day

Can you believe it? The sky is a picture-postcard blue, the sun is shining although it doesn't have the warmth of a July or August sun, and the only clouds to be seen are tiny little wisps like cotton wool balls. It is the end of September and days like this usually something that we savour as winter approaches. But with the awful summer that we have just endured, a day like today just reminds us of what we have missed this year.

So as I look out at the clear blue sky, watching the leaves falling from the trees, I hope that the winter is not too hard and that spring will be with us soon. I'm not trying to wish my life away; it's just that it is much easier to cope with things when the sun shines and the days are long.

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There and Back said...

It was like that today here too - it was so lovely. Was able to sit in the park and watch the primary school children playing football this afternoon.