Monday, 8 September 2008

I've Been Promoted

I've served my apprenticeship; I've proofread the requisite number of pages, I've passed the proofreading test, and I have completed the requisite number of days. So when I logged in to do some proofreading for Project Gutenberg today, I found that I could apply for admission to the next grade. And I was told, Yes. Bravo

So now my grade has changed from Apprentice Proofreader to Precise Proofreader. I have to serve some more time. complete another 50 pages at this level and complete a formatting test before I can move on to the next level. I think that as long as I do a good job on whatever I work on, that should be within my capabilities. The next level is also the one where there is the biggest backlog so I should have more things to choose from too, and they will be glad to have someone else to help in what amounts to a backlog of about 18 months' work.


Maddy said...

Bravo indeed, but 18 months seems an awfully long time.

madsadgirl said...

Yes, it is a huge backlog, but one has to remember that all the people working on Project Gutenberg are volunteers, with no formal training, and who are doing this work at no cost to academia. This will eventually lead to a huge collection of ebooks being available for research of all types, by scholars from all over the world.