Monday, 22 September 2008

Autumn Is Here

Autumn is with us already.  Summer seemed to pass us by this year, but autumn has definitely arrived.  

The leaves on the trees are changing colour; no longer various shades of green, the trees are becoming clothed in shades of yellow and gold.  Then as the leaves finally free themselves from the branches that they have graced through this dismal summer they change to brown.

The lovely colours in the photograph are not, I'm afraid, from a tree in this country but from one that I photographed in Canada at this time last year.

When autumn arrives there the trees, especially the sugar maples, really do get dressed in many colours.  There is nothing quite so wonderful as the sight of a large sugar maple that is dressed in leaves in every shade of green, red, yellow and orange.

Another sign of the season is the shortening length of the days.  At a time both morning and evening that just a few weeks ago we had broad daylight, we now have darkness.  It won't be long before we leave Summer Time behind and go back to Greenwich Mean Time.  Then the days will shorten even more and we will be mourning the passing of another year.

We have entered Keats' 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'; we will soon be seeing diamonds of frost rather than diamonds of dew in the weak morning sunlight.

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Anonymous said...

That is rather lovely. Autumn is the best time of year; I only noticed the leaves are changing already this year in a supermarket carpark the other day, parked under a huge red tree.

All together now: ahhhhh... ;)

Suzy x