Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sunday at the Olympics

We still have many hours of competition left today, but Team GB have already won three gold medals, two for sailing, and one for rowing, and there are going to be more to follow. There could be more medals at the rowing, we are guaranteed at least two medals in the cycling, one gold and one silver, and our cyclists are performing as well as they did in Manchester earlier in the year, so there is a likelihood of more medals to come.

The medals won so far have moved GB to third in the medal table, and though it is not likely that they will be there at the end of the Olympics, it is obvious that our athletes are trying to do the best that they possibly can.

It is unfortunate that Paula Radcliffe had such a terrible time before the Olympics, and some may question her decision to run at all if they were watching her in the early hours of this morning. Paula may not have won a medal, she may have finished in 23rd position and you may not consider that to be very good, but Paula was on crutches a matter of weeks ago, and the reason she decided that she had to run was to lay the ghost of Athens. This time Paula finished the race, bitterly disappointed with her performance, but she has told us that she plans to be there for London 2012. One thing that she knows already is that she will be supported every step of the way on the streets of London, and if our cheers could do the running for her, she would be guaranteed that Olympic medal that she so dearly craves.

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DeeDee Ramona said...

I agree with you about Paula Radcliffe. I felt really bad for her.

(surfed over from La's blog).