Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Landmark

I published my previous post, viewed my blog, and as I scrolled down, the number of visitors had reached 1000. This is truly a landmark for me.

I started this blog as an experiment, an experiment that I didn't think would last for long. But it has turned out to be quite therapeutic, it has helped me to focus my thoughts at times when it has been quite difficult to do so, it has allowed me to tell people what it is like to have to live with depression and the stigma that such a diagnosis brings with it, and it has allowed me to make some friends that I would never have met otherwise.

I know that 1000 is not a very large number when compared to the counters on some blogs, but for me it is a huge achievement. I know that many of these visitors are regular readers, and that is very heart-warming, and gives me some confidence that I must write about things that are interesting, or informative, or perhaps thought-provoking, but above all readable, otherwise people wouldn't come back.

Thank you to all my readers for getting me to this landmark and bringing a little ray of sunshine into this otherwise very grey day.

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steph said...

This is indeed a landmark and I hope you celebrated it.

When I was approaching my 3,000th visitor, my son very sweetly sent me a humorous personalised card from to mark the reaching of that landmark. I still have that card beside my computer to remind me of those early days.

Here's to your next 1,000 and the next and... have fun!