Sunday, 24 August 2008

Goodbye Beijing, Roll On London 2012

The last gold medal has been awarded after 16 days of competition and the Closing Ceremony is now taking place. For Team GB this has been a spectacular games for they have won more medals than anyone expected, and have finished fourth on the medal table. Shortly the Olympic flag will be passed to Boris Johnson and will reside in London for the next four years.

Now we have to wonder what sort of games we are going to see in London 2012. Personally, I would like to see something along the lines of the Commonwealth Games, known by all who partake as the Friendly Games, for the nations taking part have a common bond. Lavish and spectacular as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies have been in Beijing, I would like to see something a little simpler and that places more emphasis on the athletes who are taking part. I don't care if our sporting facilities don't look as spectacular as those in Beijing, as long as they are fit for purpose and ready in time. I don't want them to cost more than any others in the past, and we already know that they won't, because we cannot afford it and what we really need is infrastructure that can be realistically used in the future.

For me, however, the most important thing is that tickets for all the events are realistically priced so that ordinary members of the public in this country can afford to attend the greatest sporting event to take place here during their lifetime, if they so desire. And if tickets are realistically priced, then there need be no empty seats as there have been at numerous events and venues in Beijing.

And when the Closing Ceremony of the London Games takes place, I hope that everyone can say that we knew how to put on a good Olympics.

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blankshooting said...

completely agree about the ticketing. it's always been a problem with olympic host cities, where demand exceeds supply and with that, comes increased prices, scalpers and sadly, fraud (fake tickets). all of that, with the addition of the corporate sector's allocated tickets to woo, it all hurts the ones that the olympics should be for, the public masses. i've got my fingers and eyes crossed for a ticket for 2012!