Sunday, 20 July 2008

Is It Christmas?

Have I lost nearly six months of this year? Is it really Christmas already? I suppose it must be if The Great Escape is on BBC2 this evening.


Lindsay said...

Ha! Out of context - sorry. I hope you don't mind but I have added your blog to my blog list. I know you can't see mine right now, i'm debating whether or not to get rid of the privacy settings. If you want your link removed just let me know.

madsadgirl said...

Not a problem. I'm glad that you think that I am interesting enough to add to your blog list.

Anonymous said...

Was the great escape really on television? I will be so dissapointed if I have missed it. Maybe I will be able to iplayer it. I would love it to be christmas and just fastforward some life, you know lie in bed in the dark for a month or two. Hannah X